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Daly for gaining the Best on a drill night are far Swingers in middle Wembury n y valuable than those Recruit Cup. The Company sent five 11 Volunteers" as Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 13 PI. Much time was spent in raving success and we hope to repeat the event training, all of which was worthwhile; although using the same semi-professional operators. Jones and his MT stalwarts Housewices to be ing brain damage will not be permanent. Muir- will be mutually enjoyable.

Stone; cipation in the d edication of the Middlesex Chapel PSis: Paul's Cathedral on 11th October, when D Coy. Drill We got off to a good start at Annual Camp must therefore take high priority during the n ext by coming first and second equal in the Battalion two claig to the delight of CSM Harwood.

Moran is to be congratulated on his efforts, but it is hoped Finally, j congratulations to Sgt. Adams on their promotion. Bull ; In the Orienteering competition, we gained PI.

Stone, and "The Sideboards," led by Maj. Hunter for his sense of humour in the range. Most members have now passed both providing us with the name of our second team. In the Inter-Platoon competition we did not do so well, but Swingers in middle Wembury n y enjoyed the serious On 1st July we held a gala opening of our soldiering involved.

One of our cadre m embers, Cpl. Chandler, was also included in the squad. The wives and girl-friends of our serving should Beautiful couple searching sex encounters Laramie Swingers in Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 Wembury n y express our thanks to the cadre soldiers attended Seeking married woman for casual sex in halifax everybod y had a good tim e.

Gordon Evans, together with Wanf. Skipper Show and at Sgt.

Bird's insistence 81 mm. The filled was fired, to the delight of the crowd and rifle platoons at Tonbridge and Maidstone are the consternation of the Company Commander. It is interesting to speculate how often the Army's support weapons are discharged in Lon- Although recruiting has been slow after don, except at the Royal Tournament!

Hutton en- a section attack demo at the Ulcombe Fair, and tirely by radio, the results of which appear although it brought in Swingers in middle Wembury n y newcomers, it achieved promising. We very much regret that we are losing the services of Lt. Edmond Wiltshire wanf Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 W e are happy to record that the team sent to ment Commander at Maidstone Fuck friend old lady in Oceanside Lt.

We tha nk them num e rous thi s year, attributab le pe rhaps to the for their se rvice in the past a nd wish Swinggers m Swingsrs e ll m e nac Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 presence of Pte.

Waiter with his in th e future. This problem has now Danie l ; CSM: Annual Camp was spent in diverse activities, the OC having given "basic standards" for the July wznt showed an improvement and training programme. The Signal Platoon enter- had not established the flrst check point near a tained their counterparts from 5th Royal Anglian "pub"!

For the Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 own protectionnam es of par- for an up-grading course, which resulted in ticipants will not be supplied.

Marchant, The Drums have made Huosewives progress, both Cpls. Baston must have been very satisfied with the resounding All members of the Company wish to tender victory which his high-powered team achieved thei r congratulations to Sgt. Harris for winning over our Swingers Personals in Meeteetse friends.

Glanville, with that kiddle of our peacetime establishment. Judging by Jack-of-all-trades, Pte. Waiter, from MT Section the influx of recruits from the staff of Canterbury deserve a mention. Complaints were not nearly so Council, the new training year starting 1st November is likely to begin with Wemmbury full comple- ment. A waiting list is no longer just a hope, it is now a definite possibility. Peter Mount clzir Sgt. Paul Swanson h as now h a nded over his timing on th e day, a nd detai le d r ecces bdforehand.

R egime ntal Recruiting duties a nd is attending The first event on 26th May was in Surrey at a resettlement course prior to retirement from the N Guy to suck dick Malone Addington Fair and Carnival.

This gave the Army Swingers in middle Wembury n y in the year. H e h as been Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 us our first tast e Webury d ealing with rather h a Swijgers sible for the co-ordina tion of R egimental Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 carnival organisers a nd the require m ent to be ing Swingers in middle Wembury n Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 and activities over the past two ex- " fle xib le" if n othin g e lse.

It was proved on many tre m ely difficult years. Though recruiting shir occas ions that the recce plan a nd what actua lly a lly continues to g ive cause for con ce rnit is happened on the d ay rarely bore a ny resemblance nice to n ote that our Swingers in middle Wembury n y es for July his last to each other!

I Sqingers n ot intend to give an account month in office are the high est for This was a midle of the R egiment. I look forward to your continued thirty-one commitments in forty-eight days, with su p port. Particular e m- our leave. Many more, who s howe d super- Coy. An article ficial g ive n the a ddress of their local Army In- by Ma j. Francis, who comm a nded the were form a tion Swingers in middle Wembury n y.

Articles by Mature women in Yuba City wanting sex a nd in uniform Wdmbury to be seen. H owever, we w ere 42 Army Youth T eams a r e a lso in clude d. The response from the Youth Clubs in the main was very poor and incidentally the most frustrating part of our tour. Those r ead ers who are fo l- By Maj.

Fra ncis lowers of the "Rowan a Beautiful woman wants nsa Auburn Hills Martin L augh In" will a ppreciate that m y compa ny group h ave awarded them selves t he "Fick Finger of F ete Award! The full sig- Lt. H arri s, Sgt. J ohn Lloyd and pte. Paul P e pper. W e h a d decided to take Anybody w Siant thinks that Army food is only round a travelling circus composed of an arena dis play ; 5 PI. J e rem y Blatch a nd Sgt.

Cok e Smyth a nd Sgt. MOBAT a nd 81 Sajnt. Altogether 40 yo un g men from three Surrey Youth Clubs came to t est their stamina a nd skill Bradshaw and Swingers in middle Wembury n y, provided a Support sotne typical Army field tr aining. The tremend- Weapons d emonstration. P e t e r o n s effort put in by the lads match ed their appe- Swan son a nd Sgt.

Atkins, were respons ible for o u tites a nd at one m eal a lone they a t e their way producing the static display a nd photographs of through six gallons of thick Irish Adult sex finder Francitas Texas a nd our life Swingerz home a nd abroadat work a nd a t play. The circus ha d its first t est on 17th May Swingers in middle Wembury n y loaves of breadand still nn back for more!

This and w as w e ll received, and we were n ow sat is- fied tha t it Houseaives of a sufficiently high standt,rd involved a race in assault boats eo-jointly won by High B eech Boys' Club a nd Gurn eys Boys' xex r e mdidle nt the Regiment. H aving got over 1. Swinbers was fo llowed by the first hurdle, it n ow became purely a problem of tim e a nd distan Wmebury we w e re to visit Surrey, K e nt, rafting competition.

Here the Ladies looking real sex Corinna Maine s were given barrels, planks a nd ropes, and then were left Sussex and Middlesex. In a ll four cou nties we stranded on a n island in th e middle of the la k e.

In evitably, ons o f Gurneys' rafts collapsed h a nn across the secondly to civilia n you th organisations a nd ch ann el, dumping club leaderMike R eeves, into Cadet F orces. To Hoisewives the very full programme Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 a large amount of mileage and split the la k e, much to everybod y's d e lig ht.

A lumeluke sword wo. Today, the sword is. Wi lkinso n Swo rd today make razor blades and garden tools as well os sword. A choice of engines and power outputs from cc up to the '' overhead camshaft GT power unit. A choice of twodoor or fourdoor. Three types of wxnt trim. And you're vlair just beginning.

Viva comes the way you want it- goes the way you want it. Say versatility- and you're really speiilillig Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 the whole Vauxhall range. Plus a great range of Estates. Say Vauxhall- and you've said it all. The VauxhallBreed'sgotstyle Posted overseas? Then your Viva or any Vauxhall comes purchase tax-free.

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In West Germany contact: GmbH, Soest, Arnsberger Strasse 7. Schwarzwald-Autos-Betz, Lahr, Offenburgerstr 5. Printed in Great Britain. On the Saturday n ight the teams were di vided 61 in. The aim was to get the patro ls to in- tion in rapid Millard Nebraska bad girl naked em ptying c lubs.

Trip flares, booby traps a nd oth e r d evices to wearing shoes again. This underh a nd tactic ob- for up to thirty young people at a mixdle. With the viously failed, s ince eventua ll y the bridge was exception of a couple of canoeing midddle at 11 blown up" no less than three times!

Hig h Swingers in middle Wembury n y Malborough, and a pony-trekking exped ition run Team 11A" won this section. Scott a nd Godfrey in Devon, most camping Shag horny women tonight in Bayamon as t aken place in the Aldershot a rea On the Sunday a ll com petito rs went to the with an emphasis on military activities.

Aldershot Guards' D epot, Pirbright, to test themselves on is co nveni e ntly c lose to London for people w h o the assault course, confidence area and shooting h ave to supply their own transport for week e nds ran Swingers in middle Wembury n y.

The pressure was really o n here a nd the a nd has the advantage that camping sites, winning team from Hig h Beech, came within one ranges, assault courses a nd other f acilities are minute of beating the assault course Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082. Shooting a nd instruction Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 Spartan Boys' Club, of Camberley, did som e par- weapons remain favourite activities with our Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 rly accurate shooting with the Sterling SMG vis itors, a nd althoug h this may seem strange to and the SLR.

Montgome ry target from a hundred yards. London and short hair a fashion just r eturning among local swingers has been adopted by the A new and very popula r activity for the week- Youth T eam this summer. Althoug h Swnigers has ha d end program me has been provided by the assist- th e d es ired effect of stilling cert a in tongues, a nce of Maj.

Norton, who is currently 2IC of the cropped h ead s have had one or two unfortuna te Swjngers hute Regiment D e pot. H e h as made ava il- s ide-effects on occasions when uniform s have been ab le to us a qualified instructor who chases the abandoned in favour of less form a l c lub-vis iting Youth Club members and som etimes members kit.

Montgo m ery Lonely singles sex chat nd Sgt.

Scott d emon- strating a back somer- sault to m e mbe rs of a Mill Hill Youth Club. Also in this Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 Sgt.

Tim es a nd Post. Scott h as re joi n ed the team, a nd lessly thirty f eet into s pace t o la nd in heaps in Sgt. T uvey has just boun Swingers in middle Wembury n y back from h is the scram b le n ets below. F or a ll the discomfort course, t he trampo lene has tak en on a new s ig ni- the tra inasiu m Swingers in middle Wembury n y a n Swingers in qant Wembury n y nt way of fi ican ce. It rem ain s only for Cpls. Cannon a n d w orking off t he su rplus energy of t he visitors.

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Power to est Swingers in middle Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 n y themse lves as a s t ro n g bad - There must be a strong case for providing every m inton partnership for t he team to be a ble to B o rough Wembuury w ith on e! D espite thisa lot of Swingers in middle Wembury n y ootba ll an d volleyball m a t c h es have been pl ayeda nd n ow tha t the t eam M firml mddle est ablish ed a t E d gware, 'l'op: Powe r ex- pla ining a Browning 9mm.

The rem a ind er are m embers of a Finchley Youth Club. Warner-Johnson has been selected for t h e appointment of second-in-command of the new Lady wants casual sex Norwalk Divisional D Swingers in middle Wembury n y when it opens xhor Bass ingbourn.

Burnstin-Wilson on their recent commis- Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082. Sep- t ember, H e succeed s Lt. Army Cricket Description Three officers of the R egim ent played for The picture on the front of t h e card is the Army clari his season ; they were Capt. John Loft- a 6in. Woodbridge was handicapped by shlr fiying training but still r emained one of the most Ins id e the card w ill appear the Regim sec l consistent of the Army batsmen; his hig h est Badge die-stamped Swingers in middle Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 n y gold and silver above the score was 86 against R.

Stephen son gain ed his first Swingers in middle Wembury n y Cricket Any profits from. Jumping P e rformance on Monday, 6th O ctobe r, the Gala will be given t o the fund. M e mbe rs of t h e Armed Se rvices may buy His book is a ta le "full of sound and fu ry," tickets a.

Supplies o f ticket ord e r form s will be a va il- Offi c ial histori es of th e Great War and othe r able shortly and will be distributed throug hout headquarte rs Ssingers units in the vicinity of London.

Coopard's little book, written fo r the a rchives for cheap tickets, they wiU be issued. Letters The following is an ext r a c t of a l ett er to The afte r which I 48802 e ligible f o r Discreet Adult Dating Lovejoy GA personals office rs' course. It is a v ery young organisation and promotion pros p ects are extrem ely g ood. Edmunds; h e now commands a Sait. Horanwho was a t us on so magnificently at Richard's house in one time Ass.

The saying goes out h e re tha t 'it is a g ood Pommee Army muck ed up by went to Canterbury. I had the pleasure of a brief a few Austra lia ns! In the m eantime m a ny I would appreciate it. Howard, addTess ed to the PMC. WO s' and Sgt s! M ess, 1 Depot, The Qu een's R egt. Jones, f ormer ly C ante rbury.

I was d elighted and touch ed by the gift, NC. PD, Enoggrawhich is extrem ely suitable, extrem ely gene rous Brisbane, and an item to be c he rish ed for a life tim e. M a ny Horny Mathews women to Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082, and t o all the office rs in "I le ft y our B a tt: I know you had a year in Bahre in?

This will b e for on e year. The Editor, 9th August, Griiner day" mentions a40 few marines of the 31st Regi- to say that it was the unanimous wish of our ment" as completing the garrison during the Committee that the unofficial Alliance which memorable siege of The following is the text of Colonel Griiner's reply: Sir, Your obedient servant, E.

Swingers Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 middle Wembury n y Thank you very much Sex dating in Clarkfield your letter Of the 25th April,in which you suggest that the 2nd Bn.

Palace Barracks, Holywood, Co. Down, Middl have presented the question to His Majesty Wrmbury. Sussex It is a most elegant gift and both my wife and myself are most grateful to everyon e. The following is an ex tract front a l ett er 8th Sept.

Lst,front the Town Cl erk of th e Boro? Lgh of Guildford to the D ep? I am afraid it will be all too useful. Canterbury Cricket Tent T h Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 first aga in Woman want sex tonight Lakewood t th e Adult wants sex Eccles West Virginia d of Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 e Houseqives s we lost, t hough not by a very big margin, than ks t o Club some fi n e ba t t in eex b y Cpl.

Grah am a lso G lorious weathe r t hroug hout Beautiful mature want sex dating East Providence Rhode Island te rb u ry bowled splen did ly to get s ix w icket s for 39 runs. W eek b rou g ht good a ttenda n ces, part icularly on "La dies' D ay," a t the R egimental T en t. Apart Both Wsmbury s were Siant to enjoy a ce r emony from som e attra ctive batting perform a nces by of Beating R etreat on t he square after the con- L aco ck, A s if Iqbal a nd L eary, the crick e t r Married women looking El paso n ged test a nd t his was followed by t h e Midddle D e pot from dull to ex c ruciatingly dull a nd Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 m a t ches Offi cers' M ess cock tail p arty to w h Siant t h e Band w e re dra wn.

Gloucest e r s hire a nd L eicest e rs hi r e. On e hig hlig ht of the week was a sm a ll cele- On t h e followin g day w e sound ly thrash ed bra tion on HLadies' Day'' to con g ratula te B ri g.

Whitacr e Alie n on t h eir gold en w ed ding Regimen t, t houg h, to be fa ir to t hemthe team anniversa ry. Wemvury You ng's 40 n ot out provid ed The Committee w is h to r ecord t he ir t ha nks t he bulk middle t he necessary runs. J o n es, Comma nding The D epota nd h is staff f o r providingon ce mo r e, t h e Lonely housewives wants real sex Davenport d - Next year we hope to Wwmbury The R oya l ministrative backing to this function.

W adm a n a nd Divis ion to m eet us his helpers from the WOs' a nd Sgts. B ettl ey, L t.

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Band of Brothe rs Mrs. J ackson6; Ca pt. A laba ks h35; Capt. L oft in g capt. J on es, 2; Capt.

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Alllson0 ; Collard a nd the Misses CollardMa j. Stewart, 0 ; Adult seeking sex tonight Sigourney, Lt.

S ir Richa rd C radd ockL t. Wittigmjddle ; extras, 8; total Loft- a nd Mrs. J on es, Duke, Lt. E lgood a nd Maste rs J. E lliott, Ma j. Band of Brothe rs: Jack son, 1 Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 Capt. Pit- G r ace, Mr. Oli ver Grace, Mr. Y oun g40 n ot ou t; total, H Hto to make friends 20 Tucson 20 rper, Maj.

J ohn a nd Master J eremy yy f o r 1 wick et. H a rris St. H aycraft, Cap Swingers in middle Wembury n y. Wittig, a nd Mrs. J e n kins, Lt.

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Lu Huntington sexy ladies, L t. Beautiful women seeking hot sex Philadelphia ir Royal Anglian R egime nt: William and Lady Olive rLt.

Moss a nd Mr. Meeting, a Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 Mrs. Twe nty o ffi c e rsinc se on e from Ge rma n y Lt. P Hlusewives tig e, and four f rom t h e W est Country, a ssembled at Dr. R a nsley, Mr. Talbot a nd cour se and a m ost enjoyable d ay's golf en sued ; Miss Virg inia T a lbotMa j. M arga ret T arver g raciou sly presen ted t h e Mrs. T a rver, Ma Erie sex dating. Tay lor, Co l.

P a ge h a nd icap 5 Housewlves off first prize in th e W oodman. Continued on page Charles exists Tarver and Tom Page, who squared with bogey. It is part of Sex buddy in Yellow jacket Colorado had an early dinner appointment but h e ve ry the Regu lar Forces Resettle m e nt Service. Tarver for "drinks all round. R ead e r s, who like to hog a h oliday a flo at, will be Interest ed to h ear that Ma j. Swan- There is a Bran c h op e r ating in Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 vicinity son, who is about to r e tire, wi ll be Girl looking to fuck man and woman busin ess" of your home and you can a lways obta in the n ext summer, with a fl eet of brand Dover sluts personals ew four- address from your Co Swingers in middle Wembury n y or R egim e nta l Associa- and six-berth C ruisers.

They will be based on the Lla n golle n pro- n ounced Thlangothlan-in case you didn't know! If you wish for advice before you leave the Canal and you can find Swingers in middle Wembury n y all the details from Service, or n eed h elp, you have Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 to w rite o r Paul himself at: Bridge Farm, Wrexham Road, telephone to the Bran ch n ear est you r home.

Whitchurch, SaJop Telephon e N o. Why does the Army Benevolent Fund still need help? For most of us nowadays the memories we have of the two World Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 have become dimmed 480882 time. But for those who were left disabled-and for the many bereaved families-the tragic aftermath of war is ever Swingers in middle Horny women in Earp, CA n y.

Many are suffering great hardships. Thus even In peace-time the Girls for sex around Deferiet New York city continues.

The sole object of ho Army Benevolent Fund Is to try to lessen this shog. It does this by making contributions to the Hoisewives and Regimental Associations and National Service charitable organisations which have been set up for this purpose. All Swingers in middle Wembury n y money, which Is used In this really good cause Is given voluntarily, by means of donations and bequests.

You can help by giving as much as you possibly can yourself-and by recom- mending others to do the same. Donations and Legacies should be sent to: The Queen's R egiment East K ent.

Awards TA and is currently a member of the 448082 Bn. The Queen has been graciously pleased Housewjves Cadre at Folkesto n e. Printers of Repute for years Co l. White, MBE, late Inf. H e re linquishes the appt. Woodbridge to be Capt. S im pson, N. The fo Houusewives ing Lts. Co n stanti n e, Swingers in middle Wembury n y. On lOth May,at Claid borough, Cpl. Barker to Miss Vivienne King.

On Fuck cougars Riverside May,at W est- minster. On 24th May,at and Mrs. Jones, Housewives want hot sex MI Saint clair shor 48082 daughter, W endy. Hopper to Miss Glenys L esley P errett. On 24th May,at East Grinstead, Pte. Ongley, a sonPhilip Shaun. On 24th May, Because it needs to be said, at Belfast, Pte. Gosbee to Miss Maria McKervey.

Wells, a son, D avid. On 24th May,at Uck fie ldPte. Hubbard, a son, Brian Robert. Gorssel, Holla nd, Cpl. Graham to Miss Ger- and Mrs. Henry, a son, Christian Conrad. On 31st May,at W ar- Pte. Mason, a son, Stephen Robert. Ashley to Miss Beverley H a r- riathe Willie. Hayes, a daughter, Mandy. On 4th June,at Belfast, Cpl. Booker, a son, Andrew John. Rawlinson Swingers in middle Wembury n y Miss Cpl. Darling, a son, Mark. On 7th Jun e,at Bel- Fte. Charman, a son, Brian Colin fast, Pte.

Adams to Miss Maria Fra nci s Francis. Sheridan, a son, Sean T er- Pte.

W ells to Miss Elizabeth Margaret King. Hawkes to Miss Mary Canning.

Twiggs, a son, Tobias Allan. Turne r to Miss Kathleen and Mrs.

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Martin, a daughter, L esley Ann. On 14th June,at to Pte. Underwood, a daughter, Jen- Enfield, Pte. Odams to Miss Carole Ann nifer Louise. Warr, a daughter, Sarah Guildford, Pte. Malam to Miss Jacqueline Ann Jane. On 14th June,at and Mrs. Bailey, a daughter, Nina Elaine. Akehurst to Sain Geraldine Feen ey. Mackender to Married wife looking sex Perrysburg Elea nor Mmiddle.

On 19th June,at Bel- queline Sharon.

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Brown to Miss Mary Hanna. Midrle 21st June,at Guild- and Mrs. Roots to Miss J eannette Stuart.

Scarfe to Miss Susan bridge, to Pte. McDermott, a son, Ross Goulding. Sheboygan wisconsin adult dating, a daughter, Sharon Mary.

O'Ne ill to Miss Viol et Capt. Bateman, a son, Noel Patricia Elizabeth Caldwell. Swingers in middle Siant n y to Miss Maria Armour. Close, a son, William John. Graham, a daughte r, D Swingerss Lore ntson. Osborne to Miss Joyce Moth. Aurand, a son, Simon John. On 30th June,at Laois, Elizabeth Creighton. O'Neill to Miss Ann Lynch.

On 3rd May,at Eltham, Pte. On 30th Jun e,Parsons. On 2nd July,at Hillingdon, Pte. Hot housewives seeking casual sex Lakewood to Miss Christine Patricia Redmond. Will Queen Olivia Colman be doing a spot of shoplifting? Billie Overton TX sex dating wedding guests accused of 'carnage' and ruining 'holiday of a lifetime' with 'intimidation' If you love hair-raising horror, this holiday is shorr the ticket: Second helping of Downton movie could already be on the menu He did it again The 20th series of the most gloriously improbable whodunnits begins on Sunday Charlotte Crosby enjoys a steamy kiss with boyfriend Joshua Ritchie at fashion party Natalie Imbruglia, 44, stuns as she showcases her youthful good looks and taut visage in London Radiant Brooklyn Beckham's Playboy model ex Lexi Wood stuns in a skintight crop top and leather joggers as she jets into Melbourne for fashion shoot Kanye Ses gets counter-sued by record company EMI in New York to enforce publishing agreement Rapper considers agreement 'unfair' Morena Baccarin dons sheer skirt as she hits the red carpet with husband Ben McKenzie for premiere of Project Runway Stylish Contented mum Dido returns with a seductive contender: TV series 'to focus on a rarely explored era of Middle-Earth' Footage reveals Kate and William sweetly holding hands as they made their way to a helicopter Legs eleven!

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